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Not so long ago Qorix has already told on its pages about flying car Pla-V Liberty. But today we will talk about the same unusual vehicle – real amphibious car. Amphibious vehicles are cars that run on water. And sometimes they do this very very fast. Amphibious car Aquada – are one of such cars. Its max speed on the road is just about 100 mph but it can get 30 mph on water. You can be sure that Aquada is one of the fastest amphibious car in the world.

Researchers and mechanics alike have been attempting to create the perfect blend of the jet-ski and the car for years, but to no avail. They finally did strike gold; however, speed and performance were areas in which the invention lacked severely. The conception of the Aquada put an end to their efforts. This was possible primarily because the researchers at Gibbs focused on equipping the vehicle with the ability to travel equally well on both land and water, instead of being adamant on creating a boat-based model with wheels or a car that refuses to sink. With unparalleled handling and performance, the amphibian quickly became touted as the pinnacle of HSA Technology. The label has been rightfully bestowed, considering that the Aquada has enough horsepower to tow a water skier!

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Gibbs Technologies debuted the Aquada late in the year, 2003, in a bid to demonstrate its advancements in HSA Technology that can effectively bridge the gap between our roadways and waterways. So, what’s in store for the Aquada? The British developers plan on marketing the license for the HSA Technology to large-scale automotive manufacturers in the future, but for now, the company has planned to put 20 Aquadas for sale. The amphibious vehicle will cost £150,000 ($295,110).

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Once inside the Aquada, the driver quickly figures out that the water car fits into no existing category of vehicle. It has adequate provisions to accommodate 3 persons: the one driving, a water-skier, and a passenger. Managing Director of Gibbs Technologies, Neil Jenkins, enumerated that the researchers and technicians at the company opted to use the Seadoo watercraft as the standard model while developing the water performance aspect of the Aquada. On land, the fastest amphibious car is meant to perform in accordance with a typical sports car. Jenkins, however, does not speak of a particular comparator in this regard.

amphibious vehicle for sale

To fully comprehend how and why the Aquada is able to deliver excellence in all areas of its performance, one needs to take a closer look at the components that make up the car. Equipped with a 175-horsepower V6 engine, with a capacity of 2.5 liters and a 24-valve structure, this cool vehicle can amp up its speed from 0 to 60 mph under 10 seconds. The same engine helps the vehicle run on water by providing power to its jet. This is where it gets interesting- the jet was created by Gibbs Technologies as a distinct unit. It was of paramount importance that the weight of the jet and the space it would require be kept confined to the minimal. The end product measured 88 lbs. (40 kg) in weight and 35 inches (0.89 m) in length, and could expel up to 1 ton of thrust. This specially designed jet allows the Aquada to travel on water at an unmatched speed and accelerate to a plane in under 5 seconds.

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We now come to the HSA Technology that has allowed the Aquada to be the car that runs on water. The fact that the car can operate on water as well is no longer limited to mere aesthetic value. With climate change becoming a major headache and majority of the surface of the Earth being occupied by water, the Aquada and the technology powering it, have the potential to completely transform our existing mode of transport. The absence of doors in the Aquada has been a deliberate move to prevent water from seeping in. Instead, its aluminum-bonded space frame, which has been subjected to a 2,000-hour salt-spray test, resists leakage and underwater corrosion. The residual buoyancy makes it practically sink-proof.

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As for its ability to adapt from one form of terrain to another, the professionals at Gibbs Technologies had worked long and hard to ensure that the age-old issue of drag, or the inability of the vehicle to retract its wheels in time, is resolved with the Aquada, which has incorporated the same means as an aircraft to withdraw its wheels. Once the Aquada touches water, the driver is simply required to press a button that will initiate the conversion procedure of the car. This involves the engine recognizing the change in terrain and whether it’s at the appropriate depth in the water. The power supply to the engine stops and the wheels are retracted. The vehicle’s trim tabs are then set up in an optimum position. Last, but not the least, the road lights are substituted with underwater lights. A breakthrough example of sheer engineering brilliance; no wonder it took seven long years to finally achieve the perfection that is the Aquada!

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amphibious car for sale

Those who purchase the Amphicar 770 in the ‘60s fear that the Aquada will disappoint just as its predecessor did. However, the latter provides remarkable performance, and is a massive improvement from the last century invention. It also comes with additional features like easy handling, smooth and fast adaptability, corrosion-resistant, which make this engineering marvel all the more irresistible.


Technical Specification

  • Category: Private Light Vehicle and RCD Category D
  • Engine: 175 hp, 24 valve, V6 with EEC compliant immobiliser
  • Gearbox: 5 speed auto and reverse
  • Fuel: 95 Ron Unleaded
  • Fuel tank capacity: 15 gallons/67 litres
  • Wheels: front 16 x 6.5 J alloy 6 spoke; rear 16 x 6.5 J alloy 6 spoke
  • Tyres: front 215 x 65; rear 225 x 60
  • Brakes: All round power assisted discs. Front ventilated
  • Suspension: Computer controlled air/oil hydraulic self-levelling with variable ride height
  • Steering: Power assisted on road and water
  • Seating: 3 across-centre steer. Seats can be elevated for improved visibility on water
  • Seat belts: Three-point pre-tension seat belts for driver and 2 passengers
  • Kerb weight: 1466kg
  • Permissible gross weight: 1750kg
  • Jet: Proprietary Gibbs unit
  • Trim tabs: Dihedral electric trim tabs
  • Bilge pumps: 3 independent systems
  • Buoyancy: Non-sinkable if swamped
  • Lights: Marine navigation lights
  • Fire protection: Automatic engine compartment suppression system
  • Boot capacity: 35kg
  • Hood: Bimini style
  • Heater: Included
  • Audio: Water-resistant CD/radio

The expenditure incurred in perfecting a technology for which there was no forerunner, and consequently manufacturing the plan into reality, can be estimated to a number beyond $200 million. Comparatively, the selling price of the amphibious vehicle for sale comes nowhere close. This is great news for the customer, who gets more than his fair share of value for money.

What Will You Get When You Buy the Aquada?

This amphibious car for sale is a limited edition, which means that if you want something as original as this vehicle you will have to act now or give up on it altogether.

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The Aquada is an altogether different experience that can only be felt and not imagined. The car is a must-have for every car buff who would like to elevate their collection to a never-seen-before pedestal. Also, for those who have the means and intent to experience the ocean with unprecedented mobility, and have the same vehicle double up as a reliable and robust car, Aquada is as good as it gets.

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Last modified: 05.10.2018

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