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Brown Oak Burr Expanding Table – Revolutionizing Your Everyday Dining Experience

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Circular tables have been around ever since the 1830s, adding a degree of sophistication and elegance to our dining experience. Inspired by this complex and beautiful model, George Johnson built his own circular expanding table where the expansion leaves are built into the body of the table. The separate sections of this expanding round table expand automatically as the table is rotated creating a pizza-shaped dining table with a pentagonal space in between where all the pieces fit back together.

Organising a family gettogether is not an easy task, especially when you have a large, boisterous joint family full of cousins, uncles, and aunts. Family dinners can be quite messy with everyone squishing their way around the table, squeezing and pushing, knocking over the dishes. What you need is a large table that can accommodate all members comfortably, without taking up a lot of space in the dining hall. Read on to know more about this wonderful table and reasons why you should invest in it.

The Solution – Brown Oak Burr Expanding Circular Dining Table

The Brown Oak Circular table is a medium sized structure that can easily accommodate 10 people. The round top expands up to 1.9m and is made from the finest 850-year old brown oak burr tree on the English Estate. The base of the table is equally durable and strong, the design very similar to the crown of an old oak tree. The beautiful pattern and smooth texture of the table come from the way the wood is cut and shaped to build the table. Here, the round top is made of 12-24 pieces of veneer. As you can see, at a glance, the expandable table looks just like any other ordinary piece of furniture.

expanding round table

It is only when the frame is rotated that it unfurls into six separate segments.

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The Brown Oak Expanding Circular Table is engineered especially for seating a group of 6 or more people. Each section of this wooden structure is beautifully crafted with the finest oak wood from the English Estate. The idea of the first expandable roundtable was designed by Robert Jupe in the 1830s where the table could be assembled and detached. This earlier version, though revolutionary, had its fair share of drawbacks. Firstly, the entire structure was very heavy and not portable. Secondly, the pieces or segments were not built into the wooden frame, the table has separate slots where the leaves were to be fitted.

George Johnson, a science guy with a passion for carpentry reworked and improvised on this idea and launched his own version of the expandable circular table albeit with a few fundamental changes. In the Johnson circulartable, the segments or pieces were integrated into the wooden framework. The expansion leaves rise up and pop out when the frame is rotated.

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Each of the leaves, though attached to the main table, can be expanded. The segments are joined to the main frame on the underside via wooden planks and fixtures. George has built a range of circular tables of varying shapes, sizes and capacities. The one that we’ll be talking about is a mid-sized dining table that can seat 10 people at once and unfurls into a circular structure with a pentagonal cavity opening in the center of the table.

Construction and Choice of Wood

Building a table from scratch is no child’s play. It requires a lot of thought and careful planning. For his tables, George uses only the finest quality timber WITH complex, intricate patterns in a variety of colors and textures. The brown oak burr wood used in this table, for instance, has a stunning set of swirls and fine-lined patterns that add on to the aesthetic appeal of the product. The patterns only expand and grow as the table expands, revealing the six pieces without damaging the seamless design of the tabletop.

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These patterns and textures not only add to the aesthetics of the table but also give it a stable shape and design. The figure below shows a piece brown oak bark that’s used for the expandable table. The rings on the bark determine the age and quality of the wood. Plus, it gives the table an edgier, elegant pattern that looks pretty classy and chic.

Durable Design

Woodworking involves a great deal of calculation and planning. The rotating expanding table is pretty solid and durable, with each of the six pieces stored into the frame. The expansion mechanism is further enhanced by the 3D printing technique and laser cuts. It uses CAD construction, the diameter of the table can be expanded or contracted to suit the size of the room or the number of occupants. George uses the latest 3D computer imaging and modern carpentry techniques to build the table in a way that the grain pattern is equally distributed throughout the round top.

rotating expanding table

Flexible and Functional

The Brown Oak round table that expands when rotated is an extremely flexible and convenient device that is suitable for all kinds of dining spaces irrespective of the physical dimensions of the room. Each table is personally crafted and customized by George to suit your needs. The smallest table measures 1300 mm while the largest is 2200 mm wide. The tables, irrespective of their size and scale, have six separate pieces that open up beautifully when rotated clockwise and fit perfectly into an organic whole when moved anti-clockwise. The metallic fixtures and fittings on the underside of the expansion leaves account for smooth, hassle-free movement and transition from a closed roundtable to its expandable frame.

circular expanding table

Product Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 1500-1700 mm in diameter (mid-size range)
  • Segments: six non-detachable segments
  • Capacity: can sit 6-12 people depending on the size
  • Construction: 850-year old oak wood construction

Along with the expandable roundtable, George can also make customized seating chairs to suit your dining space. The oak wood chairs feature the similar craftsmanship and build quintessential to Johnson furniture. The plush leather and vibrant cushions ensure extra comfort, while the ergonomic design keeps your posture straight. Chairs are available in either a fabric or leather upholstering or plain wooden seating, depending on your preference.

round expanding table

What Will You Get When You Buy the Brown Oak Expandable Table?

Real estate is at a premium. Your furniture needs to be compact enough to leave enough space in your room, and yet grand enough for comfortable use when the need arises. Conventional furniture requires that you make a choice between compact and grand. The Brown Oak Burr Expanding Circular Dining Table gives you both the benefits, making it the ideal choice for anybody with an expanding family, a cramped dining area, or an insatiable desire for collecting quirky furniture. Because each table is custom made, you get a truly unique piece of furniture.

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Last modified: 01.08.2018

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