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A marvelous combination of a knife and a gun, the Arenal RS-1 features many interesting functionalities that are sure to appeal to weapon enthusiasts. Available in limited quantities, this product is a worthy addition to your collection.

Several attempts have been made over the years by arms manufacturers to combine firearms with bladed weaponry. Not all of these attempts, however, have met with success as either one of the two components is compromised in the process. Comfort and functionality have also been major hurdles to the development of a shooting knife for sale. However, Arsenal Arms has achieved the impossible with the launch of the RS-1 Ballistic Shooting Knife.

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Although the outside of this item resembles a plain-looking knife, it can be converted into a gun easily. The 6-chamber cylinder of the knife lets you fire 6 rounds of .22 short. The business end of the product features a small spike so that the shooter keeps his/her fingers away from the gun’s muzzle. When the trigger is in the firing position, pushing it down towards the handle fires the revolver. Mechanics aside, this is a unique product and one that has been making waves in the industry since it was first showcased in 2014.

The Arsenal RS-1 is an NFA product, and it is classified as AOW (any other weapon). This catch-all group is defined as any device or weapon that can be concealed on a person from which a shot may be discharged via the energy of an explosive. Being an AOW, this weapon needs a $5 BATF stamp instead of a $200 stamp, which is necessary for short-barreled rifles and machine guns.

This is not a knife for slicing potatoes and peeling fruits. It’s a full-blown beast of a weapon that is shifted down against the blade’s hilt with a hole on top. The handle may seem a bit thicker than required at first glance but it does not make the item disproportionate in any way. The handle of the knife contains the real gun and when you click a button, it acts as a type of pommel and divides the handle into two parts. Inside the two halves, the barrel, the drum, and the firing mechanism will be visible.

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In the recess for your fingers is a protruding metal plate. Only when you rotate it 180 degrees does the lever get released, which allows the shooting knife to spring into action. Clicking on this lever turns the drum and platoon, and eventually results in the shot. One of the more interesting design aspects of this product is the ratchet wheel that is placed before the drum, instead of the back. The drum features 6 chambers that can be loaded with bullets.

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The entire body of the knife does not feature a visible trigger. The hammer of the product is manufactured using a single piece along with the drum’s axis, the front spring, and the movable axle. The double action trigger mechanism is extremely tight, so you do not have to worry about any accidental shots. But this feature affects the accuracy of the weapon. In most cases, you will be able to hit the target without fail only if the distance is reachable with a knife. The absence of a laser designator is sorely missed here because it would have improved the range of the weapons considerably.

One question that perplexes viewers is how the designers managed to fit a six-shooter in the handle of the knife. Although the handle is somewhat thick, it is not so thick that it cannot fit in the drum, the trigger mechanism, and the barrel. Well, it’s all possible due to the type of ammunition used with this product, specifically the .22 short cartridge. Although this is not an old type of cartridge by any means, it is still extremely popular due to the modest features and compact build that allow it to fit small-sized weapons with relative ease. Introduced in the United States in 1857, the .22 short cartridge is one of the first ammunitions with a metal sleeve.

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The trigger of the RS-1 seems awkward and heavy, so it might affect the accuracy of your shot somewhat. The cylinder resembles one of the NAA pocket revolvers, so it is best if you carry an extra cylinder. However, this might require you to find a way to keep the rounds in and then hot swap the cylinder. While reloading the item, you will have to withdraw the cylinder, and knock out the rounds that do not fall free. After that, it’s all a matter of feeding and replacing the cylinder before closing it.

However, since the RS-1 from Arsenal Arms is supposed to serve as a last-ditch weapon, reloading is not a priority for users. Instead you can hot swap a cylinder by dropping the reloading time to three rounds and feeding the cylinder in the weapon five new rounds.

The spike on the guard is extremely sharp, and it prevents the operator from accidentally wrapping their thumb on the top and putting it in front of the barrel.

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Check out of some characteristics of the Arsenal RS-1 ballistic shooting knife below:

  • Caliber: .22 short
  • Capacity: 6 rounds
  • Action: Double action
  • Blade Length: 6.5 inches

The Arsenal RS-1 is not available to customers in California and other restricted states. The product must be shipped first to a licensed Class III dealer and every NFA rule must be maintained during a sale. Also, according to federal law, the buyer of the product must be 21 years of age or older. The item will be first shipped to a dealer with a valid Federal Firearms License. So, you need to specify your weapon dealer’s name and shipping address if you do not wish to experience any delays in receiving the RS-1. The cost of the best shooting knife in the market right now might seem a bit on the pricier side, but it makes sense when you consider just how versatile and functional this “GRAD” style gun knife is. Plus, only a 100 units were ever produced, which means you will essentially be getting your hands on a collector’s item. In that case, shelling out the $2,099 price tag seems like a good investment.

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Although not the most efficient product in the market, weapon enthusiasts, military, and defense personnel will find plenty to love about the RS-1. This is one of the best shooting knives as it can be concealed as an ordinary knife, and works well for covert missions. Plus, being extremely compact, storage does not present a major problem. If you love guns and knives, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this amazing combination product that is well-worth the price of admission.

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Last modified: 10.08.2018

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