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EleMMent Palazzo Motorhome – Most Luxurious RVs for Sale

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The EleMMent Palazzo Motorhome is an opulent RV designed to look like a futuristic automobile from the outside and a luxury hotel from the inside, with speed and performance that remains unmatched.

The EleMMent Palazzo Motorhome combines the elements of luxury and style with functionality to bring to you an RV that would undoubtedly give you the experience of a lifetime on the go. Every time you take this stunning RV on the road, you are bound to make heads turn with its minimalist futuristic design. It looks like an absolute beast on the road with a speed of 93 miles per hour. If the idea of spending the rest of your life in just one place fills you with dread, you can travel and be on the move at all times without having to compromise on your luxury with this RV.

motorhome for sale

Whether you want to spend several years living in different parts of the country or go camping ever so often, this RV will make you feel at home. Retailing at a jaw dropping $3 million, it has everything you would ever need to live a lavish lifestyle whilst on the go. The design of this mobile home itself is extremely futuristic. If you didn’t know any better, you’d believe that it has walked right out of a sci-fi movie. As impressive as its exterior is, it is the interiors that are likely to leave you spellbound with décor no less than a luxury hotel.


At first sight, this mammoth sized luxury motorhome would feel rather bulky. You may think that its robust structure would affect the speed. However, this is far from truth as the EleMMent Palazzo Motorhome boasts of a speed of up to 93 miles per hour.

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The creators of this innovative giant mobile home wanted to ensure that the highest level of safety standards was achieved in the making of this RV. Therefore, they’ve tested it in numerous settings and environments so as to qualify for certifications from both the EU and the US.

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The EleMMent Palazzo has thus, undergone certain tests for fire protection to ensure that all materials used in the construction of this luxurious innovation are fireproof and safe for use. A tilting test in real-time has also been conducted to make sure that it stays safe when on the road, not just for the user but also for passersby. Additionally, it is also crucial to test the electromagnetic field and its corresponding compatibility with the vehicle itself, which was successfully completed at an EMC test Centre and received the verification too. Having passed the necessary guidelines in the EU and the US, this luxury RV can therefore, be shipped anywhere in the world.

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Not only is the EleMMent Palazzo Motorhome a power packed RV that offers superior functionality, its interiors are extremely plush, ensuring that you live like a king throughout your time on the road. Walk inside this motorhome and you wouldn’t be judged if you thought you had walked into a mansion. The interiors of this motorhome are incredibly swanky and it ensures that there is a certain level of elegance throughout the home.

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It gives you the feeling of checking in to your own personal suite in a luxury hotel. Just like a hotel, this RV boasts of numerous amenities like roof terrace that opens up at the push of a button. On a warm sunny day, you can lounge here, sipping your favorite drink and reading a good book. You could even simply sunbathe and relax. It also has the ability to turn on floor heating to keep you warm on chilly winter nights.

motorhome for sales

The master bedroom would make even a homeowner envious of the sheer opulence that it has to offer. The kitchen area in this mobiles home is the ideal place to cook a delicious meal for your loved ones whilst on the go. If you simply wish to relax inside, you can do so in the lounge area. A push button also helps expand the living area so as to give you more space within this vehicle.

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What makes the EleMMent Palazzo unique is its ability to have a completely customized experience to suit your needs. Therefore, you can design the interiors the way you’d like to. You can change up the color scheme of the interiors if you so wish. This is one of the luxury RVs for sale, which can function like the kind of vehicle you would like it to work as. Whether you are looking to travel in a private jet on the road or as a VIP shuttle, this RV can take on absolutely any kind of automobile with its impressive 93 miles per hour performance.

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Some of the characteristics of the EleMMent Palazzo Motorhome include:

  • Engine: Volvo, 6 cylinders in-line engine, up to 600 HP
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Length: 13,70 meters /45 feet (12 meters / 40 ft for EU with different floorplan)
  • Height: 4 meters/ 13 feet
  • Height with Roof Deck: 6 meters / 20 feet
  • Driving width: 2,55 meters/ 8,4 feet
  • Width fully extended: 5 meters / 16,4 feet
  • Living Space: 68 sqm/ 732 sqf

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The EleMMent Palazzo Motorhome is a tough and powerful RV built with the highest level of functionalities on offer. Retailing at $3 million, this motorhome for sale would be the ideal leisure companion if you wish to hit the road and live on the go.

motorhome for sell

What will you get when you buy the EleMMent Palazzo Motorhome?


With the EleMMent Palazzo Motorhome you get the dual benefits of functionality and elegance in one sturdy automobile. After having undergone intensive testing to ensure its safety to users, this robust phenomenon can help you live the life of your dreams on the road. With the ritzy interiors, you can live the glam life no matter where you’re headed. If you wish to tour the country and spend your time exploring, this RV could be your ideal companion for $3 million. For anybody who is fascinated with the idea of luxurious travel, super successful artists who tour different destinations as a part of their occupation, and millionaires with a thing for crazy products, EleMMent is $3 million well spent.

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$3 million

Last modified: 04.09.2018

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