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Ever wanted to live in a round tiny house with all the modern style conveniences? Well, now you can fulfill your fantasies with the Escape Pod, an eco-friendly tiny house that can be converted into anything the user wants, from a studio to a study to an office. Made with eco-friendly materials, this modern tiny house is a great way to escape your hectic schedule.

Look, there in your backyard – it’s a spaceship, it’s a giant acorn, it’s the Escape Pod. This state-of-the-art structure is a handcrafted, rotating pod that acts as an organichideout who anyone looking for a timeout from the hustle and bustle of life. Taking its design cues from nature, the Escape Pod boasts an elliptical shape so it can maximize the efficient use of timber both inside and out. The rotating house rests on an elevation half a meter off the ground, and the structure can be adjusted to face any direction for optimizing natural views and light through framed windows. The interior is snug and adaptable, equipped with electrical wiring, insulation, and heating.

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Clad in cedar shingles and developed from weather-resilient European Oak and birch ply, the Escape Pod is the ultimate in luxury outdoor space. The organic shape, high-quality modern interiors, and unique look make this an ideal spot to meditate, sleep, work, or socialize.

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There is an aircraft styled plugged door accompanied by a bespoke laminated wooden hinge present in the Escape Pod, and the entire pod can be rotated as per your discretion so that the curved windows allow sunlight to stream into the room.

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The adaptable interiors of this structure also come with heating options. You can choose between underfloor heating or woodburner. To execute the design, Podmakers Ltd. used CNC-milled, prefabricated structural supports made of birch plywood. The oak and cedar materials develop a silver hue over time, enabling the Pod to blend harmoniously with the surroundings.

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The versatile nature of the Escape Pod is evident for all to see. This isn’t just some hideaway structure that you frequent when you need to introspect or clear your head; no, it can be transformed into a variety of different spaces depending on your needs. So, irrespective of what you have planned, the Escape Pod can handle anything you throw its way.

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Need a garden room? The Escape Pod is capable of seating ten people without breaking a sweat. The folding table and circular bench makes this the ideal space for catching up with friends and loved ones. Heating options and an upholstered bench make spending time with your family a breeze in the Escape Pod.

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Searching for a more productive home office environment or want to get your creative juices flowing? Try converting the Escape Pod into your personal office space. Not only is this structure extremely comfortable, but there is enough space for a couple of people to work side-by-side, utilizing the power sockets and integrated storage options.

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Perhaps you’re feeling romantic. The snug of the Escape Pod features a 2.1 X 2 m mattress that allows you to watch the nighttime stars through the domed skylight. Or, if the mood strikes, you can turn the structure into the greatest glamping pod of all time, complete with clothes hooks and various storage options.

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Made by creatives for creatives, the Escape Pod works amazingly well as a studio that offers an intimate space. Artists can use the available room to escape or work or indulge their hobbies. The layout of the Escape Pod includes a day bed and a drawing table.

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Considering all the interior options available at your disposal, you can personalize the space according to your requirements without much hassle. The Escape Pod will conform to your requirements and help you set up your own corner of the world.

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The brainchild of Podmakers Ltd., a boutique enterprise based in Gloucester, England countryside, the Escape Pod was conceived by Dominic Ash and Jeremy Fitter, who combined their desire to engineer small, utilitarian spaces with top-notch furniture design. While Dominic brought 30 years of design experience to the table, Jeremy tempered his engineering background with a passion for developing imaginative spaces. The outcome of the collaboration between these two creative minds is the unusual yet beautiful outdoor structure you now see before you.

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Check out of some characteristics of the Escape Pod below:

  • Architects: Podmakers Ltd.
  • Location: Gloucestershire, UK
  • Lead Architects: Dominic Ash, Jeremy Fitter
  • Area: 7.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Manufacturers: Lathams Timber, Luctite, Vesta stoves

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The Escape Pod will set you back by $26,700 or £19,800 for the basic model, but it all boils down to the configuration of the structure, your preferred customization features, and shipping. The best part is, setting up the Escape Pod requires no foundation. Rather, this tiny house is accurately constructed in the workshop and then delivered to the requested site using a crane or a forklift. If access to the area is severely limited, then the pod can be assembled and outfitted on-site. What’s more, the pod adheres to UK planning laws, so you do not have to seek permission to set up your home. However, if you need further advice, you can always contact the company.

What Will You Get When You Buy TheEscape Pod?

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Podmakers Ltd. has created a revolutionary new product – one that is sure to change the fact of the glamping industry and provide customers with a safe space. The beauty of the Escape Pod is that it can be set up anywhere you want, right from the safety and comfort of your own backyard to an off-site location, where you can be alone away from the trials and tribulations of daily life. Interiors of the Escape Pod can be customized as per your liking to serve a variety of needs. Living in a rotating home adds a much-needed splash of whimsy to the adventurer’s vacation. Thus, no matter who you are – a writer, an architect, a painter, a naturalist, there is something for everyone in the Escape Pod. Think of it as your go-to ‘escape’ chamber, anytime you need some quiet time alone or simply want to be at one with yourself.

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