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Give Your Wrist A Break – Logitech MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse

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The MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse from Logitech has been designed with scientific backing to ensure that you maintain good posture at all times. Its 57-degree elevation ensures that your wrist stays supported and free from unnecessary strain.

The New MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic mouse from Logitech is an exciting innovation, which helps dramatically improve productivity in your workplace with a multitude of advanced features nestled in its ergonomic design. It has also been designed in a way that dramatically reduces strain on the muscles and the wrist helping it relax, thus encouraging good posture.

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Not only is this mouse extremely stylish to look at, its functionalities have a strong backing in science, giving it a technological edge over the other mice available in the market. Using this mouse encourages you to use the handshake position, which takes away a considerable amount of stress away from your wrist as it is your hand’s natural resting position when placed on a desk.

This ergonomic vertical mouse from Logitech has been designed at a 57-degree angle and has contoured edges that help keep the wrist aligned well with the rest of the arm and body, at large. This angle is unique, in the sense that, it helps keep the wrist free of any strain and also helps position the thumb accurately along the thumb rest. Using your mouse at this angle and resting it in the handshake position can see your muscle strain reducing by as much as 10 percent.

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Because of the robust features and functionality of this vertical computer mouse, there is a substantial reduction in the movement of your hand whilst using the mouse. The optical tracking provided by this mouse is highly advanced. This when combined with the incredible speed of the cursor, ensures that your work is done with very light hand movements as opposed to aggressively moving around your mouse pad to manage just 1 click. This functionality alone reduces your hand movements to one-fourth or less. This feature is also highly customizable so you can choose the speed and the tracking accuracy based on your comfort level in Logitech Options.

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The new MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse by Logitech was designed with the main intention of supporting correct and good posture in addition to offering advanced features to improve productivity at work. This is especially true if you work a desk job and the use of a mouse forms a large part of your work routine, for instance, graphic designers. This vertical mouse has a unique shape that helps you grip the mouse comfortably with a smooth feel but firm hold at the same time. It has been designed in a way that is suitable to everyone irrespective of the size of their hands.

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Being productive at work is one of the key factors that drive Logitech towards innovation in computer technology. This Logitech vertical mouse keeps your wrist and overall posture in good shape so you can focus on your craft with unwavering attention. The MX series of mice uses the Logitech Flow technology. This gives you the ability to control several computer systems in one go. This too is highly customizable using the Logitech Options feature to set your preferences.

Everyone’s preferences when using a mouse are different. With the MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse from Logitech, you get complete control over how quick and accurate you’d like your mouse to be by simply pressing a single button. These vertical mice in the MX Series are built using the 4000 DPI high precision sensor, which helps keep your hand movement to a minimum. The scroll wheel on the mouse also boasts of a middle click, simplifying tasks and ensuring that every click offers good precision.

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Some of the characteristics of the MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse from Logitech include:

  • Height: 3.09 in (78.5 mm)
  • Width: 3.11 in (79 mm)
  • Depth: 4.72 in (120 mm)
  • Weight: 4.76 oz (135 g)
  • Keys style: Island
  • Battery life: 4 months (average usage)
  • Charging: USB Type C (fast charge)

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The MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse is the best vertical mouse by Logitech with a battery life that can last for nearly four months with a single charge. If you are pressed for time for a full charge, simply fuelling it with a charge for a minute can give you three hours of uninterrupted service. The USB-C cable is a sleek wire that helps charge your vertical mouse effectively.

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You can also seamlessly work on up to three devices at a time without any difficulty. This mouse by Logitech, which retails at $99.99 helps you switch between screens with the touch of a button and the superior features provided by Logitech Flow. You can even use your usual USB cable to connect this mouse to your devices. However, if you prefer the flexibility offered by wireless connections, you can even opt for the Logitech Unifying Receiver or a trusty Bluetooth connection.

What will you get when you buy the MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse from Logitech?

With the MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse, Logitech offers supreme comfort and improved posture by dramatically reducing the stress caused on the wrist from using it to control the mouse. The design of this innovative vertical mouse rests your hand in a handshake position on the desk, eliminating strain on muscles. It has a unique 57-degree angle and a 4000 DPI high precision sensor that helps you with accuracy when working.

These benefits make this mouse perfect for someone who works on a computer for a considerable amount of time (computer programmers, gamers, digital designers, etc.), and for anybody who faces discomfort in holding a traditional mouse because of the awkward wrist positioning. Even someone with a passion for experimenting with innovative computer peripheral will love this mouse.

With this vertical mouse, you can connect three devices and also work wirelessly without compromising on its precision factor. At $99.99, you get to experience increased productivity and a relaxed wrist and arm whilst at work.

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Last modified: 07.09.2018

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