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Urban Transport Revolutionize By the New Hype Hover 1 Electric Scooter

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Manufactured and launched by Hyper Wireless in Edison, N.J, the Hover 1 mini electric scooter is a boon for everyone who’s sick of public transport. This wireless, battery-powered framework is compact but robust enough to carry anywhere. At a glance, the vehicle looks like a mix between a cycle and a scooter. The chic and compact frame is foldable, sturdy and very durable.

Hyper Hover 1Electric scooter works on a 250W brushless hub motor, allowing a speed of 20mph on smooth, leveled surface. You can also take the scooter up high and inclined surfaces, though it affects the speed and battery performance. The maximum incline achieved by the frame is about 15% or less’ we recommend you use the scooter on smooth surfaces like the sidewalk or on the asphalt to get the best results. The lithium batteries can be charged at any traditional power outlet, both indoors and outdoors. It takes about 6 hours for the vehicle to be fully charged and lasts for roughly an hour and a half at 20miles per hour.

hype hover 1
folding electric scooter
electric folding scooter

The framework is made of heavy-duty materials like stainless steel and comes with pneumatic. The folding electric scooter is suitable for adults and teens alike – it can hold up to 285 pounds. Also, the padded handlebars, plush leather seating, built-in shock absorbers on the underside ensure a comfortable and safe ride even over rough terrain and uneven surfaces.

The lightweight metal scooter comes with all the latest features and advanced integrations you’d expect from a hi-tech vehicle. The anti-theft system and key-start ignition make it a safe and dependable vehicle that can be used for daily commute. The display panel situated on the front end of the console gives you an accurate reading of the speed, battery life, and trip mileage. The blue LED light monitor also has a built-in odometer and temperature display. The central control panel situated beside the left handlebar lets you control the speed, direction, front and rear lights, and the horn. The right handlebar gives you a grip on the throttle and brake of the scooter.

hover 1 folding electric scooter

The Hype Hover 1 folding electric scooter is pretty easy to operate. The foldable design is easy to assemble (and it comes with an instruction book that would guide you through the process) Once you have charged the batteries, push the key start ignition and hover away!

folding electric scooters for adults
folding electric mobility scooter

You can control the speed, direction, throttle and other details of the ride via the two flexible and ergonomic handlebars. The footrests come with plush supports for a stronger grip on the machine. The console is attractive, advanced and easy to read. The 10-inch rubber tires on the underside are sturdy enough to handle all kinds of surfaces. The batteries are all tested and certified by the UL.

On the downside, the product is slightly expensive and doesn’t deliver on the maximum speed of 20mph as promised. According to most users, the vehicle runs fine at 14-15mph before the battery gives away. The speed and mileage capacity of the vehicle depends on the user’s weight and size. Also, the product is recommended only for smooth, dry surfaces and is not good for riding over wet puddles or stones.

fast electric scooter

Some Technical Specifications of the Hyper Hover Scooter

  • Product dimensions: 45×21.3×11 inches (when folded) and 42.24x375x21.2 inches (unfolded)
  • Product weight: 50.7lbs
  • Wheel Type: 10inches, rubber, air-filled wheels
  • Construction: a metallic frame with pneumatic rubber base and handlebars
  • Motor Type and Power: 250w brushless hub motor with disc brake
  • User Capacity: recommended for users above the age of 14
    • – Maximum Weight: 285 pounds
    • – Maximum Distance: 15 miles
  • Mileage: 22 miles per hour
  • Turning Angle and Throttle: 0-degree turning radius (great for maneuvering over tight spaces)
  • Maximum Speed: 20mph (delivers 15mph), not suitable for slopes over 15-degree incline.
  • Battery Type: cylindrical, lithium ion, rechargeable batteries
  • Charging Time and Longevity: takes 6 hours to charge and runs for an hour and a half
  • Connectivity: Hover 1 App and 8W Bluetooth speaker
  • Console Features: LED display shows speed, temperature, time and mileage
  • Extra Features: headlight, tail lights, turn signals, throttle brakes, shock absorbers, and ergonomic foot support

Think of this 2-wheeledmotorized vehicle is a mix between a scooter and a bike and the best part- it hovers above the ground. You don’t have to pedal your way to work anymore, that’s all in the past now. Simply stand on the scooter and guide it to your destination using the control panel on the side of the handlebar. The battery-powered frame is eco-friendly, time-saving, easy to manoeuvre through traffic and has zero maintenance.

What Will You Get When You Buy the Hyper Hover 1 Electric Scooter?

mini electric scooter

The Hyper Hover scooter has revolutionized the mode of transport for the urban dweller. Zooming around college campuses is a lot more fun with the Hover electric folding scooter than walking on foot. Hover 1 folding electric scooter is suitable for professional riders and amateurs alike, in fact, anyone above the age of 14 can ride the scooter. The compact frame can be folded and fitted almost anywhere, in the trunk of the car, inside the cupboard or even be carried across on the subway. The Hover scooter is great for both work and play, you can take it around the city, to camping trips, around your university with equal ease and convenience.

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Last modified: 16.10.2018

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