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Look stylish whilst keeping your cash safe from pickpockets with the Zero Grid Travel Money Belt.

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Going on a vacation but worried about keeping your cash secure? The Zero Grid Travel Money Belt is here to take the stress out of travel. It’s a stylish belt that doubles as a discreet wallet to keep your cash and spare keys out of sight, keeping you safe from pickpockets.

Travelers and tourists from all over the world have always been troubled by one fear when heading out on their adventure, losing their money to pickpockets, dampening the spirit of their vacation. Travelling light is something everyone prefers and rightly so, you do not want to be carrying a fanny pack or other such cases that would instantly draw attention. At the same time, it is also important to be on top of your style game. In order to counter both these issues with ease, the Zero Grid Travel Money Belt was created.

At first glance, it looks like a stylish belt that you would wear with your pants. But on closer inspection, you would see that there is a hidden zipper on the inside, which gives way to a money pocket.

travel money belt

You can use this space to not just keep your cash while travelling but it also has enough space to snugly fit your spare keys, paper copies of your photo ID and even the hotel card. The superior quality nylon webbing ensures that the belt does not fray and the YKK zipper safeguards all your valuables.

The Zero Grid Travel Money Belt with its unisex design looks stylish whether you’re a man, woman or a teenager. Its ability to double up as an anti-theft wallet helps keep you safe from pickpockets on your travels. Whether you’re travelling for business or with your family for leisure, you are always at a risk of having your money and valuables stolen. This is especially true in the bustling areas of a city, like famous tourist spots, in public transport or even markets where huge crowds congregate. This travel security belt wallet is 33% wider, allowing you to store cash and keys without drawing attention. You don’t have to remove the belt to pay when shopping. A simple twisting of the belt exposes the zipper, which when unzipped enables you to get the cash out.

travel security belt

One end of this travel security belt is tapered. This ensures ease of wearing it on different kinds of bottom wear like jeans, slacks and even khakis. It blends smoothly with the rest of your outfit. Because of its unisex appeal and the fact that it can be worn by a tourist of any age, it can be swapped by family members based on the requirement of the day. The belt itself has no holes on its surface unlike usual belts. This makes it significantly easy to wear the belt.

travel security belt wallet

This Zero Grid travel security belt wallet has a superior quality nylon webbing combined with a buckle made from hardened plastic. The zipper pouch that is concealed within this belt is 24.5 inches long, fitting people with waist sizes ranging from 26” to 42”. In many cases, belts can be a sore point at airport security. However, this efficiently designed travel belt helps create a smooth experience for any tourist at the airport as it is devoid of metal.

Research has shown that pickpocketing as a crime has become synonymous especially in European cities and tourists are often requested to be alert when visiting busy places.

The travel belts available in the market are usually much smaller and difficult to handle. If you are particularly a clumsy person, you may struggle to fit the notes in the miniscule pouch space, which requires the notes to be folded at least thrice. To add to it, the zippers attached to the belt are quite fragile and may break apart with a sturdy tug. This light weight money belt for travel by Zero Grid weighs at just 113.4 grams. The belt itself has an impressive length of 48 inches, which gives it the 33% wider pouch space. Use it to safeguard your cash, passport, keys, digital devices, and watch.

money belt for travel

Some of the characteristics of the Zero Grid Travel Money Belt are enlisted below:

  • Dimensions: 48 inches x 1.5 inches (121.92 cm x 3.81 cm)
  • Materials: High grade Nylon Webbing and hardened plastic
  • Weight: 4 ounces (113.4 grams)
  • Zipper Pouch Length: 24.5 inches (62.23 cm)

This money belt by Zero Grid retails at $21.49 and also comes with full lifetime guarantee. This TSA approved belt is the ideal choice when travelling. Not only does it keep your cash and other valuables safe, the belt itself offers ease of storing as it can be rolled into a coil, which slips easily in your carry-on luggage while travelling.

money belt

Because of the minimal storage space required and the feather light weight of the belt, it would be the best travel accessory to gift yourself or your loved ones who seek adventure.

What Will You Get When You Buy the Zero Grid Travel Belt?

One of the most important things when travelling to your dream destination is having the peace of mind that you will be safe and your belongings, secure. This is the single most profound benefit that this travel money belt offers. This money wallet, which also doubles up as a fashionable belt will ensure your cash, hotel card, spare keys and the likes stay safe, away from the unsuspecting eyes of pickpockets.

traveling money belt

The sturdy YKK zipper ensure smooth closing and opening of the belt so you can pay for your shopping without making anything obvious. This is the ideal accessory for backpackers, adventurers, and solo travelers who wish to keep their belongings secure, without carrying any load.

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Last modified: 21.08.2018

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