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A lot of cyclists feel unsafe and invisible on the road. And the Lumos smart bike helmet changes all that by integrating lights, turn signals, and hand brake into one nifty package. The beautifully designed smart helmet has been rigorously tested and the results so far have been great, allowing other vehicles to take notice of the bike and keeping the rider safe.

Smart bike helmet which is able to notify drivers about the direction of your traffic and braking

Did you know that more than 49,000 people sustain grave injuries while cycling every year? Out of them, 700 deaths occur in the US alone, mostly due to collisions with other motor vehicles. The truth is, despite being a fun activity, cycling has its share of safety issues. Other people on the road treat cyclists as invisible and the only way to capture their attention is to wear reflectors, lights, and jackets.

Unfortunately, all this makes the overall bike ride quite cumbersome. But this isn’t how it’s all supposed to be – biking should be an exhilarating experience; not something that makes you flinch every time another vehicle passes you by. Thankfully, Eu-Wen Ding and Jeff Chen of Harvard Innovation Lab have managed to come up with an impressive solution in the form of the Lumos smart bike helmet.

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Combining style with functionality, Lumos allows cyclists to maintain their safety while retaining their sense of freedom while riding their bike. The product raises awareness about better cyclist safety by allowing non-motorists and motorists alike to share the road more graciously and effectively, increasing the security and viability of cycling as an activity.

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Winner of numerous awards, including the Reddot Design Award 2017 and Cycling Weekly’s Best Cycling Innovations, the Lumos is the first of its kind, a smart bike helmet in the world to integrate lights, turn signals, and hard brake into one complete package. And that’s the whole point of this product – to provide visibility to cyclists who often feel unsafe and invisible on the road.

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There are 48 lights attached to the helmet – 38 red LEDs at the rear and 10 bright white LEDs in front to help draw attention while you’re traveling on road. And they provide a unique level of visibility. The unique triangular shape of the helmet has also been designed to help other drivers get a better idea of their distance from you.

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And if you think that the lights on the Lumos come in handy only during the night time, you’re wrong. Sure, they shine brighter during the night, but they’re also no slouch during the day. So, you remain visible day and night. You never have to worry about the dark again when you’ve got this safety gear on your head since you’ll be able to improve your bike turns with the appropriate turn signals. The helmet features bright left and right turn signals that can be activated by the users with the help of a wireless remote. Thus, you’re able to improve your hand signals while making a wide turn thanks to turn signals.

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The remote for the Lumos smart bike helmet can be attached and detached to and from your bike at will. It is placed right next to your thumb and features two buttons. The device comes with a built-in accelerometer that is capable of sensing when the rider is speeding up or slowing down. Handy and intuitive, the remote can be recharged and used in every kind of weather.

Suppose your phone starts ringing while you’re biking and you need to make a quick stop to attend this important call. But if you slow down without any warning, you risk being rammed from behind by another vehicle. The Lumos developers understand this concern and so, they’ve added automatic warning lights to the helmet. Even though it’s still in beta testing phase, the lights should be perfected soon, and once they are, the helmet will “sense” when you are reducing your cycling speed and turn on every one of the 38 red LEDs present on the back of your helmet. This sort of gives the cars behind you a heads up.

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The Lumos helmet has been designed to withstand any kind of weather, whether it’s rain or shine. So, no matter what type of climate you’re biking in, you can take this product with you. There is a rechargeable battery with convenient charging features. The remote can be charged as well using the magnetic charging cable included inside the pack. The whole thing requires 2 hours to top up. The lights on the bike helmet last nearly 3 hours in solid mode and 6 during flash mode.

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The makers have left no stone unturned to make the Lumos as safe and secure for riders as possible. The product is internationally safety-certified and meets the strict safety standards of EN1078 in Europe, ASTM F1447 in Canada, and CPSC in the US.

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Also, as an added measure, the Lumos helmet app has been developed to monitor your helmet’s battery life, update the firmware, and adjust the helmet settings. So, you can determine whether you need to charge your helmet by checking your phone. In fact, you can use the app to adjust the sound frequency of the turn signals. Plus, it also enables you to activate or deactivate warning lights. The app also notifies you every time you switch on your helmet or shut it down.

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Lumos Smart Bike Helmet specifications:

  • Size: Single Adult Size. 54cm – 62cm / 21.3 – 24.4in
  • Materials: PC shell and EPU liner
  • Weight: 450g / 0.93lb
  • Back Lights: 16 red LEDs
  • Front Lights: 10 white LEDs
  • Left and Right Turn Signals: 2 X 17 Yellow LEDs
  • Battery: 3.7V 800mAh Lithium-Polymer Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Life: Approximately 6 hours on flashing mode and 3 hours on solid mode
  • Standby Time: 6 months
  • Charging Time: Approximately 2 hours
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (BLE 4.2)

The best thing about the Lumos bike helmet is how inherently easy the product usage is. There are no complicated wires or plugs; all you’ve got to do is press the button and turn on the helmet before you start cycling. The helmet is adjustable, which means you can comfortably wear it and ensure that it provides a snug fit.

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What Do You Get When You Purchase the Lumos Smart Bike Helmet?

If you’re an active cyclist, then you know there’s no fixed time to head out with your bike. It could be rain or shine, morning or night – you go whenever you have to. But not every weather condition is ideal for biking. Especially when a person is driving down a dark path, they may be at risk from incoming vehicles. Thankfully, the Lumos smart bike helmet takes care of all that by ridding you of the need to make hand signals and gestures whenever you need to make a turn on a potentially hazardous stretch of road. At the same time, the smart helmet alerts other vehicles to your position so that they know exactly where you are and if you will be making any sort of turn. So, if the thought of road mishaps and accidents deters you from exploring your passion for cycling, this is the ideal product for you.

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Last modified: 12.10.2018

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