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Recently Qorix has shown you a post about one of the largest luxury SUV – USSV Rhino GX. Today we will tell you about other very big but not less luxury SUV – Hummer H1 Launch Edition. It’s obvious that such tank won’t be left unnoticed on roads.

The electrification trend in automobiles has taken off, and gone are the days of the Hummer SUV. However, one project seeks to pump new life into the behemoth, albeit an updated version of the original. The intent is to create a custom H1 vehicle that does away with the shortcomings of the original and provides the best SUV experience in its class.

hummer H1

Dubbed the ‘Launch Edition’, the new model is loud, luxe, and larger-than-life. Although the name has changed, the vehicle still retains its old profile, and other drivers will make way for the H1 when they see it barreling down the path.

hummer H1 for sale

H1 hummer

The upgrades made to the SUV have helped create a lean, mean machine that is quieter, smoother, comfortable, and jam-packed with powerful features. It’s a significant step above the old models that were hardly more than glorified desert-storming military automobiles.

new H1 hummer

The project is headed by Mil-Spec Automotive, operating out of Wichita, Kansas. The team consisting of three 20-something entrepreneurs picked the rebuilt AM General Hummer H1 instead of a subdivision-ready SUV, such as the H3 built under the stewardship of General Motors. This Hummer H1 for sale is the first of three planned, ultra-luxe versions of SUVs with a military lineage.

military hummer H1

The engine of the vehicle is a wondrous achievement of engineering and technology. The beast is fitted with a Duramax 6.6-liter turbo-diesel V8, capable of producing 500 horsepower and up to 1,000 pound-feet of torque. So, acceleration is a breeze along with an impressive fuel economy of 14 mpg in the city as well as 20 on the highway under moderate driving conditions. Paired with an advanced automatic transmission – the Allison 1000 six-speed – and durable off-road gear, and you have an immensely powerful SUV in your hands.

hummer H1 luxury edition

The four-wheel independent suspension comes with independent, heavy-duty half shafts equipped with fixed mount differentials. The 3.5-inch performance exhaust tips feature with the proprietary thermal coating.

luxury hummer H1

The wheels of the vehicle are military-style and composed of aluminum alloy. They come fitted with super-knobby tires for excellent grip and traction. Mil-Spec Automotive has taken great pains to rework the Hummer’s suspension geometry so users experience improved off and on-road driving manners and manners. To appease the most discerning customers, the makers of this new H1 Hummer have included the choice between stage 2 and stage 3 tuning.

buy luxury hummer

But all the customization is not limited under the hood of the Launch Edition. Once you pop the doors open, you’ll find the original trim gone, replaced in its entirety by bespoke fixtures that combine the best in luxury and functionality. Now, it’s all about hand-stitched duck canvas and marine-grade, waterproof leather, but you can customize the materials to suit your preferences.

luxury hummer

One aspect of the vehicle that has undergone a significant amount of rework is the large center console. It’s now a shinier, sleeker, aluminum version of its former self with fully-reorganized controls and instrumentation for ease of use. The vehicle is still capable of seating a maximum of four at a time, but the experience is completely new. The pedals are crafted out of brushed stainless steel and there’s a transfer case shift level present for gear control.

custom hummer H1

The car includes a powerful JL Audio C5 premium audio system along with greater amounts of aerospace grade aluminum forms for the interior panels. Additional upgrades include a backup camera, LED lighting, dual USB charging ports for both the front and rear occupants, heated windshield, a GPS gauge cluster, remote keyless entry, power doors and windows, climate control, and a modern steering column with traditional functionalities.

new hummer

The Momo Prototipo steering wheel is a nice touch, upping the luxury quotient of this vehicle and bringing the whole cabin together.

h1 hummer for sale

If you turn your attention to the exterior of the Launch Edition, you’re in for one giant surprise! Gone is the regular SUV body, and it’s now been replaced by one made from hardened aerospace grade aluminum layered with a unique textured coating, ceramic coating on both the engine bay and underbody, powder-coated components, and protective-coated skid plates. The composition of the material faintly resembles Line-X, the same substance used in bedliners.

hummer h1 2018

According to the production company, the team completely disassembles and restores every core chassis, adding heavy-duty front bumpers along the way.

hummer h1 interior

2018 hummer h1

New Hummer tail bumpers are also added to the rear of the vehicle. Moreover, the original skid plates situated below are refurbished by MSA and coated with extra protective layers.

military hummer h1 for sale

Upgrades to the vehicle’s exterior lighting include LED taillights, headlights, and turn signals. MSA even installs additional LED lightbars on the roof and front of the vehicle.

h1 hummer for sale military

Right now, the company is offering five different body configurations to interested parties – a four-door hardtop pickup, a four-door hardtop SUV, a four-door hardtop slant-back, a four-door hardtop wagon, and a two-door hardtop.

So, what’s the secret to bringing these miracle machines to life? Well, it all begins with a donor vehicle – in this case, an earlier H1 Hummer model that MSA purchases for rebuilding purposes. At the plant, the body gets taken off, the frame disassembled, reconditioned, and the whole Hummer put back together with new badges, interiors, suspension lights, and an engine. While the overall vehicle resembles a luxury Hummer in many aspects, due to brand name legalities, the vehicle is instead termed the Mil-Spec Launch Edition.

new hummer h1

Every Hummer H1 luxury edition vehicle retains its certification, VIN, and other provenance of the actual SUV used to refurbish or rebuild the automobile.

Characteristics of the Hummer H1 Launch Edition:

  • Top Speed (Limited): 96 mph
  • Maximum Length: 195.5 In.
  • Maximum Height: 85 In.
  • Width (No Mirrors/with mirrors closed – open): 86.5/ 93 – 104.5 In.
  • Wheelbase: 130 In.
  • Maximum Track Width: 94 In.
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating:
    • – Front (10,300 lb. GVWR): 4,100 Lb.
    • – Rear (10,300 lb. GVWR): 6,800 Lb.
  • Curb Weight (Fully equipped soft top): 7,498 Lb.
  • Payload (Fully equipped soft top): 2,802 Lb.
  • Maximum Towed Load: 9,300 Lb.
  • Ground Clearance: 18 In.
  • Water Fording Depth: 42 In.
  • Grade Capacity: 60%
  • Side-Slope Capability: 40%
  • Break-Over Angle: 29°
  • Approach Angle: 57°
  • Departure Angle: 47°
  • Turning Radius: 27.5 Ft.
  • Wheel Travel: 7 In.

Considering all the customizations and changes made to the vehicle for the better, the luxury Hummer H1 Launch Edition doesn’t come cheap. The vehicle commands a market price of $218,499, excluding the cost of the donor H1 Hummer. Now, you’d probably think that the high price point would prevent Mil-Spec Automotive from securing buyers. What’s surprising is that the company has already sold the first of 12 planned Launch Edition Hummer vehicles.

Thanks to the ongoing popularity of post-apocalyptic or dystopian media a la Mad Max or Blade Runner, there seems to a growing market for reworked military-based sport utility automobiles. Plus, no serious car enthusiast would be able to resist the siren call to buy Luxury Hummer, fully-customized and retooled military Hummer H1 vehicle. While the original model was a paintjob away from becoming a military ride, the new Launch Edition has become more of a luxury affair.

new hummer h1 for sale

new h1 hummer for sale

What Will You Get When You Buy the Custom Hummer H1 Launch Edition?

If you’ve got cash lying around to spend on a sturdy, feature-laden vehicle, then this is one of the best options in the market right now. It’s an off-road SUV, capable of handling any type of terrain, which is bound to make it a favorite among adventurers and explorers. It could even serve as a representation of your immaculate taste in cars, allowing you to make the peers jealous. If you’re a stickler for materials and quality, this vehicle is the perfect solution as you can customize the car to your liking.

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Last modified: 22.09.2018

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