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Peloton Bike – The Most Fulfilling Indoor Cycling Experience Ever

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Commuting to and from the gym every day can be quite exhausting, especially after a hectic day at work. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could bring the gym indoors and could exercise within the comforts of your home? Well, the Peloton series has launched its latest equipment in the market- the indoor spin bike that allows you to do all that and more. Here’s a complete and detailed Peloton review, followed by some reasons why it is the best home exercise bike of the season. Check out this comprehensive Peloton Bike review below.

Peloton cycles are tailor-made to suit the needs of both the amateur and the fitness freak. Everything from the metallic framework to the ergonomic seating and the anti-sweat design is designed to offer maximum flexibility and comfort to the user. These indoor spin bikes have completely reshaped the idea of fitness equipment, making them more user-friendly and time-saving. The low-impact beginner-level rides are better suited to first-timers while high resistance. Faster workout programs keep the challenge up for the professional. Here are some of the advantages of the Peloton bike and the reasons why you should bring one home.

best exercise bike

Peloton Bikes have revolutionised indoor workout regimes. The spin bikes, though built for indoor use, are as robust as heavy-duty gym equipment. The framework is made from carbon steel and powder coated for added durability. The anti-sweat design makes the machine rust-proof and suitable for long-term usage. The framework weighs 135 pounds and takes up 4×2 foot space. It comes with additional transport wheels for extra portability and easy storage. The compact construction takes up little floor space and the bicycle looks pretty enough to match your home décor. It requires only two cords – one power cord and one to connect the console. And unlike most other indoor exercise equipment, which looks oversized and ugly, the Peloton Bike is sleek and super quiet.

best home exercise bike

Talking about the functionalities and features, the adjustable and ergonomic plush seats can accommodate anyone who falls in the height-range of 4.11 to 6.5. This pretty much covers everyone. The machine has a maximum weight capacity of 305 pounds. The saddlers come with levers for adjusting the handlebars both vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, the on-demand classes are for everyone; you even get off-bike workout programs that complement your bike sessions. For example, the on-demand yoga classes and other stretching exercises prepare you for the strenuous workout on the bike.

best upright exercise bike

The magnetic resistance offers a higher degree of challenges to users, making the exercise a lot more fun and interesting. The knob at the base of the machine controls the resistance intensity. The uphill, high impact resistance requires the maximum effort and hence shows the best results as compared to the low-impact comfortable resistance levels.

Moving on to the console – the 21.5-inch touchscreen console comes with a set of advanced functionalities to track heart rate, calories burnt, duration of the workout and resistance intensity. It is compatible with iOS. Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity allow you to sync other devices and store your workout information. The device supports 2GB RAM and 16GB internal flash drive that stores the workout programs, your progress levels, and all the music.

Peloton costs a fair deal, but once you’ve subscribed to the application, you can enjoy unlimited workout classes. After the payment is complete, users get to choose from a selection of 10000+ on-demand workout regimes. You even get 10-15 live workout videos streamed directly from the NYC routines every day. Plus, Peloton workout regime also offers off-bike exercising tips on yoga and stretching and warm-up exercises. These live classes cater to all user across the whole spectrum of body shapes, sizes, and requirements. Despite its price, the Peloton bikes are a smart investment for fitness enthusiasts who don’t want to spend a fortune on an elite gym membership.



The Peloton Bike Framework

  • Physical dimensions: carbon-steel construction; 2’ x 4’ footprint and 46.9” × 23” × 46.9”
  • Product weight: 135 pounds
  • Maximum capacity: supports users between 4.11-6.5
  • Weight capacity: 305 pounds
  • Resistance: Neodymium rare earth magnetic resistance
  • Drive: Poly V power transmission drive belt
  • Cranked arms: 170mm forged steel arms
  • Pedals: a set of aluminum adjustable pedals.

The Peloton Console

  • Console dimensions: 21.5 inch diagonal screen
  • Video quality: HD 1080p PCAP Multitouch screen
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz Mediatek MT8137 quad core processor
  • Internal configs: 2GB RAM, 16GB flash drive
  • Sound: 2×10 watt speakers, 3.5mm TRSS headphones and MIC connector
  • Connectivity:
    • – 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-fi connection
    • – Bluetooth 4.0 connection
    • – ANT +Wireless connections, 100Mbps Ethernet
  • Camera: 5-megapixel front-facing camera

Peloton Digital

  • OS: supports iOS operating system
  • Classes: 10,000+ on-demand live workout programs, 12 live streams daily
  • Themes: classic country or 1980s rock, live DJ
  • Monitor: Measures heart rate, calorie count and time

The best exercise bike is not one that offers only comfort or only high-end usability, but a combination of the two. The Peloton Spin Bike with its flexible design and the advanced console is the perfect machine for both beginners and professionals alike. This revolutionary bicycle from Peloton costs $1,995, plus an additional subscription of $39/month membership fee to access the on-demand and live workout programs.

Ergonomic seating, adjustable handlebars, flexible pedals, and a digital console add on to your cycling experience. The on-demand classes and live streaming sessions further add on to this upright exercise bike. The video camera lets you chat with your friends, the live music feature gets you pumped up and the leaderboard keeps track of your routine and calorie count. Peloton Bicycles have added an exciting spin to your workout routine, keeping you motivated and upbeat with the latest functionalities.

peloton cycle

What will you get when you buy the Peloton Bikes?

The Peloton Bike is a top-rated high-end exercise bike suitable for both beginners and professionals. For the busy yet demanding fitness enthusiast who requires a good looking and functional exercise machine at home, Peloton Bike is the answer. Also, if you’re somebody who needs a machine as swanky as yourself, decked up with sophisticated audio-visual gadgetry, again, Peloton Bike is the answer. Because you get guided exercising content on the console, you can actually save on the gym membership, and exercise properly right at your home, at the hour that suits you.

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Last modified: 12.10.2018

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