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Don’t you just hate it when you come home on a Friday night after a grueling workweek only to realize that you forgot to put the wine bottle in the refrigerator earlier? How about when you’re entertaining guests? You can’t serve them warm wine, nor can you gulp down a glass yourself – it tastes absolutely disgusting, especially if it’s hot and humid outside. Now, if you know how to chill wine, you understand that waiting for a bottle to go down to the right temperature is extremely time-consuming and frustrating. And, by the time the bottle cools down sufficiently, the mood is ruined. But that does not necessarily have to be the case. Enter ProntoBev, the new-age wine chiller that can chill your wine in just 30 seconds.

ProntoBev might seem like a luxury expenditure, but you’d be surprised how often people forget to put their wine in the refrigerator. But thanks to this device’s amazing technology, that is no longer an issue. Put any beverage like vodka, wine, and whiskey into the chiller and the temperature is reduced by 20 degrees Fahrenheit or 11 degrees Celsius in just 30 seconds flat. That’s quite impressive, you’ve gotta admit!


On the outside, ProntoBev gadget is a looker with a sleek and ergonomic feel. But it’s inside where the magic really happens. A built-in thermometer within the wine chillers enables users to achieve a certain temperature for their best drinks in a way that is totally user-friendly.

Prontobev gadget

While the device functions almost like a cooling jug, the interior is constructed using stainless steel of the wine-grade variety. The benefit is that the flavor of your drink remains unchanged while using the device.

Using ProntoBev is deceptively simple, and not only does this device save time but it helps you serve chilled alcohol, preventing the wine from going flat and injecting life back into your parties.

wine chiller

Start by placing the device in the freezer for at least an hour, more if possible. Ideally, you should store ProntoBev in your freezer the night before. When it’s time to open the bottle, take out the device and pour the liquid contents into the large opening at the top of the chiller.

how to quickly chill wine

Give it 30 seconds to do its job, then pour the drink out of the narrow opening and back into the empty bottle. The results are instantaneous. Your wine gets chilled to your heart’s content and unappetizing warm wine is no longer a problem you need to deal with.

The idea for this deceptively simple yet useful device came from Alexander Simone, the founder and CEO of Pronto Concepts. During his appearance on the hit show Shark Tank, he revealed that the idea stuck with him after he was looking for a way to chill wine instantly without using ice cubes. Although the early days of ProntoBev were filled with trial and error, the drink appliance came out better than intended and attracted the attention of expert wine connoisseurs and drink-loving millennials. A successful crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo website helped generate enough capital for full-fledged production.

Now, you might be wondering what makes ProntoBev the ‘best’ instant wine chiller when there are other options available in the market. Well, it all comes down to three important criteria – price, space, and time.

Cooler sticks and chiller rods, for example, may cost less than ProntoBev and occupy less space in your kitchen. However, as the liquid remains in contact with their surface for the minimal amount of time, the cooling performance is exceptionally low and cannot match up to the high standards displayed by ProntoBev. On the other hand, countertop ice bath or electric spinning models might be fast, but they fall short of the 30-second chilling time offered by this new product.

fastest way to chill wine

The jug-based design of ProntoBev isn’t merely a stylistic choice, but functional as well – it provides improved functionality over electric spinners and other cooling technology as it allows the device to cool any liquid versus only those in cans or bottles.

ProntoBev is completely dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and healthy due to the use of BPA-free materials. Although the device features no moving parts, the cost is almost as high as electric wine chillers and it might have something to do with the ProntoGel technology embedded on the walls, which is responsible for the rapid cooling.

electric wine chiller

Storage is not an issue since the product hardly takes up any space on your counters and cabinets. Moreover, the compact size of ProntoBev means that you can easily store in your freezer without worrying about space. The 750 ml capacity means that users can fit a whole bottle of wine into the device without any hassle.

Most importantly, if you’re unsure just how to quickly chill wine of the red variety compared to white, the ProntoConcepts website features a list of ideal temperatures for every type of wine, along with details on the flavor profiles, pronunciations, and price ranges.


  • Dimensions: 11 X 7 X 2.5 inches
  • Capacity: 750 ml

ProntoBev features an appealing design and concept, enabling you to save time and money while allowing you to enjoy beverages chilled colder than ice. The patent-pending technology is the fastest way to chill wine to the unique temperature in a span of 30 seconds. So, whether you got a new bottle of wine, forgot to chill your favorite bubbly, or want your drink to be at the intended temperature, this product is here to make life more convenient.

instant wine chiller

If early buzz is any indication, then ProntoBev is already a big hit, making ice buckets and cubes a thing of the past. With a price tag of $139, ProntoBev is already a worthy investment, but you can probably pick it up at a discounted price.

What Will You Get When You Buy Prontobev?

chill wine

A wine chiller that cools your drink to the ideal temperature in 30 seconds flat – sounds like a must-have appliance for people who host parties regularly or millennials who enjoy a glass of wine now and then. But spending over a $100 on ProntoBev might seem like a waste for anyone who does not love wine. Thankfully, the application of this device is not just limited to alcoholic beverages. In fact, it works just as efficiently for coffee, tea, juice, lemonade, and so on. So, anyone who hates using ice cubes and diluting the taste of their drinks can rely on the freeze-pour-chill method of ProntoBev to enjoy cold beverages anytime the rom.

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Last modified: 06.11.2018

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