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Qarnot QC1 Can Heat Your Home and at the Same Time Mine Cryptocurrency

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Qarnot QC1 – perhaps the most advanced cryptocurrency heater that you can buy at the moment. What can this cryptocurrency heater do? – Ability to heat a room and at the same time to mine cryptocurrencies. Absolutely silent work — since there are no coolers. You can mine different cryptocurrencies starting from Ethereum.

The high cost of heating keeps many homeowners awake at night, dreading that time of the month when the energy bills arrive. And with the rising cost of utilities, the situation doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. In fact, it might take a turn for the worse unless you do something about it.

But what other choice do you have?

You can’t do without heating, especially if you live in a cold climate. So, does this mean you allow the threat of increasing utility costs to loom over you? Absolutely not! Enter Qarnot QC1 that heats your home and helps you save money simultaneously – just not in the way you think.

cryptocurrency heater
cryptocurrency mining

Now, you might be wondering how investing a new room heater can positively impact your finances. Well, the QC1 is unlike any product in the market. It mines cryptocurrency. And, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about cryptocurrency – the virtual currency taking the world by storm.

Cryptomining requires tremendous amounts of processing power, and gives off a lot of heat. Qarnot, the French company behind QC1, came up with the brilliant concept of putting this heat to good use instead of letting it go to waste. Sounds bonkers, we know, but considering this innovative product mines nearly $120 worth of cryptocurrency in a month, it is the perfect solution for any home that’s tired of shelling out large sums for heating.

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Qarnot has a great track record when it comes to developing products that combine electrical heating with multi-CPU high-performance computing servers. The company has been in business since 2010, and its client portfolio includes building owners, real estate groups, and local authorities. Till now, their products have been used for heating and data crunching activities, like VFX for film studios and 3D rendering. But with the QC1, Qarnot aims to make its presence felt in the competitive residential heating market.

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The moment you lay eyes on the QC1, the first thing that jumps out at you is the striking design. This computing heater was in development for the past five years, and Qarnot’s Paris team has left no stones unturned to ensure that it meets all consumer expectations. From the patented technology that dissipates a soft and comfortable heat throughout your home to the luxurious finish that incorporates the finest materials like aluminum and wood, the QC1 is a thing of beauty.

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The QC1 emits heat from the GPUs rather than the CPU. There are two Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX580s graphics cards from AMD present in the machine with 8 GB of VRAM. This setup allows the heater to mine cryptocurrency at 60 MH/s. In case the weather gets too cold and the two GPUs are unable to produce sufficient heat for raising the temperature in your home to comfortable levels, Qarnot has included traditional heating conductors in the system.

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A standout feature of the QC1 is, of course, the noiseless functioning. Normally, in a heating setup as powerful as this, you would expect a lot of buzzing in the background. But Qarnot has succeeded in making a product that is entirely noiseless, the first one in the market. How does this work? Well, it all comes down to the absence of mobile parts, such as hard drives and fans, in this crypto heater. The system relies on passive heating, which means the sound of a fan is noticeably absent. Also, the entire system is IP-protected.

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The QC1 enables you to mine any kind of cryptocurrency. The default setting is Etherium, but if you believe that some other cryptocurrency like ZCashis the way to the future, then you can access your computer and change the settings to mine that cryptocurrency. The QC1 server is Linux-based and you can access it directly for blockchain transactions. As you heat and create digital money at the same time, you get to keep track of trending crypto markets on the mobile app. The same information can be displayed on the QC1 LEDs.

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The QC1 is the natural successor to Qarnot’s earlier computing heater, the Q.rad that was released back in 2013. The system earned widespread acclaim for its technology, design, and positive influence on the environment. The winner of Popular Mechanics’ CES 2016 Editor’s Choice Award, the CES 2018 Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators Award, and the Raise / Lieu du Design prize for Design, the Q.rads are deployed throughout France in commercial and residential buildings. And it’s only a matter of time before the QC1 comes to enjoy the same, or even greater, level of success in the industry.

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Check out the characteristics of the QC1 below:

  • Computing: 2 GPU X Nitro+ Radeon RX 580 8G 60 MH/s
  • Dimensions: 65 × 62.5 × 15 cm
  • Power: Total 650W (450W in mining mode + 200W in booster mode)
  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Materials: Wood, anodized aluminum
  • Noise: 0 dB
  • Connections: 110/230V AC and RJ45 Ethernet
  • Interfaces: Capacitive touch, mobile app, and web app
  • Communication: Ethernet
  • Github: Temperature and LED management

Qarnot has designed the QC1 to be a plug-and-play device, which means it won’t take you more than 10 minutes to set up the device. Simply plug in an Ethernet cable, enter the address of your Ethereum wallet, and wait for the virtual currency to roll in. The associated app can be used to track the mining level of your system, and activate the booster mode when the temperature drops too low.

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The QC1 crypto heater is produced in batches, and is available to order now. If you order prior to April 20, you will receive the product before July 20. Regular updates will be sent by the company to intimate you about the progress of your order. Though this amazing product helps you earn enough to pay for your monthly electricity bills, the high upfront cost of $3,600 might deter some homeowners from purchasing it. But when you think about all the money you stand to save in the long run, you understand why it’s a good idea to invest in the system now. Qarnot expects to sell hundreds of units in the coming year.

What to Expect When You Buy Qarnot’s QC1?

The QC1 is the first crypto heater of its kind to mine digital currency while keeping your home nice and comfortable during cold weather. The process of mining not only produces a lot of heat but consumes a lot of electricity as well, raising your electricity bill considerably. No wonder it is getting increasingly harder to mine cryptocurrency by itself. But since you will require a heater to raise the temperature of your home anyway, it’s more cost-efficient to do both activities at the same time. And the QC1 is the perfect solution!

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Last modified: 02.08.2018

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