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Long-time visitors to the Burning Man festival know how rough it gets on the Playa due to the heat, dust, winds, and cold nights. Christian Weber attempted to simplify the camping process by creating a transportable, easy-to-build shelters tent that was inspired by the hexayurts common to the area. The product – now called a Shiftpod – weighed just 64 pounds and could be compacted to 77 inches X 13 inches X 13 inches. Assembly was possible in a matter of minutes.

However, things changed drastically in 2015 when Weber was confronted with death and destruction, resulting from the ravaging fires in Northern California. He immediately headed back to Burning Man and donated 20 Shiftpod tents to the relief efforts. The experience motivated Weber to refine and formalize the process.

Advanced Shelter Systems Inc. (ASSI) was established in December 2015, and the organization practices philanthropy by donating one Shiftpod per 20 sold. ASSI’s main purpose is to set up individual kits that provide sources of filtration, water, and shelter – everything a family of four needs to survive a period of 30 days. The company also aims to create modern tent systems that can accommodate almost 1,600 people in one container.


That’s a tall order and something Weber could not handle on his own. For that reason, he formed his own team of Burning Man goers who had experience in every possible camping configuration to devise the best possible shelter. Created using advanced seven-layer material with insulation properties against the heat, dust, rain, and cold, this spacious tent does not require any poles and can be installed in minutes. Protective capabilities aside, the product is stylish and portable enough to attract the attention of any passers-by.

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Most campers break out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of having to pitch their tent. This is where the Shiftpod surpasses the competition in every way. Setting up this wondrous product takes less than a minute, minus the part where you have to zip in the floor section and hammer the stakes. However, it’s a huge step forward from the regular yurt tents used in camping trips that consume a lot of time, especially during torrential downpours and blinding dust storms.

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You don’t have to work with any ropes nor do you have to fumble with tent poles. The stakes made from stainless-steel included with the product are resistant to rust and bending, and you can pound them carefully into the ground to prevent other campers from tripping and falling. Weber and his team were thoughtful enough to include a hole on the top of the Shiftpod for campers to tie off the guylines and remove them quickly using a hammer’s backside. Take care, however, to keep the shiny side up when spread the floor section on the dusty and dirty ground so that the product stays clean.

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Along with convenience, the Shiftpod revolutionizes the concept of comfort. It is effortlessly inviting and stylish, providing great value for your money and time. The 12 X 12 structure provides plenty of room for you to stand straight, decorate, and settle in comfortably. There is sufficient room inside the tent shelter for sleeping bags and blankets, storage, and even some furniture, like a chair and table.

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What’s more, the inside of the portable shelter tent features numerous hanging pockets so you can easily keep your stuff organized. If you require an indoor clothes rack for your wardrobe, simply get bungee cords hooked in the middle of the shelter poles.

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The Shiftpod is designed to keep you warm, irrespective of the weather. The insulated shelter systems possess walls with multiple layers that create minimal condensation and keep out sub-zero temperatures. The manufacturers have included a center pole that supports the ceiling in areas with snow. The vents in the ceiling of the Shiftpod provide an escape route for your own carbon dioxide and the carbon monoxide emitted by the heater.

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Apart from the NASA-quality material capable of handling high temperature swings, the insulated tent features a Blast Shield, a shaded structure that keeps you cool inside. You don’t need any AC unit to stay cool, and even if you do, the two vents with drawstrings can accommodate AC ducts of different sizes.

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In windy areas, camping can be extremely hard as there is always the possibility that your tent might go flying in the air. But not Shiftpods; they are resilient enough to withstand winds up to 100 mph.

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Every window, door, and floor surface in the Shiftpod is equipped with dust-proof and water-proof zippers. You can even unzip the floor section from the overall structure for easier cleaning. Ventilation ports are fitted with dust filters that facilitate airflow without any grit. Collecting the remaining dirt is as simple as placing a carpet indoors and a doormat on the outside.

shelter systems

If you’re camping in a large group and want to set up Burning Man shelter systems, the Shiftpod’s tunnel system can be used for connecting a maximum of five tents together. The doorway to the tunnels presents a good foyer for removing dirty or dusty clothes and keeping backpacks and shoes out of rain.

burning man shelter systems

You get dualpower-cord holes that are completely sealable and run electricity minus gaps forming in the structure. If that’s not all, the Shiftpod can be taken along on airplanes, capable of fitting neatly inside cars of different makes and modes, or being strapped to the vehicle roof. Also, unlike regular truck roof tents or cars, the Shiftpodcan be left unattended as you roam around the region without fear of it blowing away. You may even loan it to friends and family when not in use.


Characteristics of the Shiftpod:

  • Quick to set up: The world record is 17.28 seconds set in Las Vegas by a member of the EDC crew! Striking the SHIFTPOD is equally quick.
  • Heat Reflective: The patented multi-layer space age fabric system reflects the heat of the summer sun and keeps your body heat in at night.
  • Mobile: Easy to transport and store can be loaded into most cars or taken on the airplane.
  • Wind and Weather Resistant: Survived in wind and rain testing over 100 MPH!

The Shiftpod2 will set you back by 1,499. If you think that’s a tad high, know that the features totally make the product worth your money. Plus, you get a Blast Shield free of charge. Compared to alternatives like yurt tents for camping, this is a more cost-efficient option. So, if you’ve been saving up to buy yurt tent for the latest festival or car camping trip, then investing in a Shiftpod from ASSI makes more sense.

What do you get when you buy the Shiftpod?

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If you’re a regular at Burning Man or prefer to camp out frequently, then you know how important it is to find a shelter that is tough and comfortable enough to last a long time. Outdoorsy individuals with an adventurous streak will fall in love this product that combines the latest hi-tech materials with simplicity and innovation. The logistical ease makes the Shiftpod a no-brainer if you’re planning to spend some time in the wilderness. Plus, with a forest fire causing havoc in California, a Shiftpod provides the perfect contingency plan for families living in or close to similarly vulnerable regions. Recommended for individuals who desire greater style and comfort than regular tents.

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Last modified: 20.11.2018

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