Superride S1000 - the Ultimate Ride for Speed Enthusiasts

Superride S1000 – the Ultimate Ride for Speed Enthusiasts

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Chuck the cool hoverboards and scooters for a taste of the electric unicycle. We’re sure it would get you hooked! The new and unique Superride S1000 runs on electric batteries, uses gyroscopes for balance and also allows you to sit down comfortably while you move from place to place. What’s more, the S1000 is eco-friendly, time-saving and pretty affordable. It is the ultimate single-cycle riding option for you out there.

Imagine zapping through the roads of your university or workplace in a cool unicycle, sitting on plush ergonomic seats, maneuvering your way through the traffic easily as the huge cars are stuck in the jam. Sounds epic right? Well, the Superride S1000 is the real deal which turns your dreams to reality. This compact and portable self balancing unicycle electric scooter is your answer to all transport related problems. It runs on batteries, takes a lot less space, is lightweight and good for the environment. What more do you want!

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Superride S100 is a revolutionary vehicle that has changed the way people commute these days. The sturdy, yet flexible framework makes it easy for you to travel, especially through narrow roadways or crowded areas. And unlike the other cool transport options available to people these days like the hoverboard, electric unicycles by Superride are a lot comfier, quicker and easier to handle. It runs on the same mechanism as most modern vehicles, it uses advanced gyroscopic technology to keep the unicycle steady without barely any support from the rider. Plus, it comes with simple control to move, brake and perform other basic functions thereby eliminating the need to have a remote. Fascinated with the unicycle already? Here is a detailed review of the Superride S1000 self-balancing electric unicycle, complete with its technical specifications and usages.

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The Suprride S1000 was only recently launched in the market and has created quite a stir, especially among the youngsters. It is one of the firstelectricunicycles with seat, made for longer travel. Once you are comfortable perched up on the seat, start the unicycle and lead forward to accelerate and backward to slow down. You can use your body weight to direct the vehicle wherever you want, shift to the sides to maneuver the cycle. And even though the cycle looks very fragile and small, it is actually quite strong and can carry about 280 pounds. The 1000W motor installed inside the cycle allows for a mileage of 20 miles per hour, while the LED display gives you an accurate reading of the speed and direction of your travel. The batteries are replaceable, durable and save on energy.

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Superride S1000 has a chic, stylish frame made of metal and plastic. It weighs about 45 pounds but is powerful enough to support a full-grown adult easily. The removable batteries can be fully charged up in an hour or less and retain that energy for hours at end. The vehicle also comes with an LED display, LED headlights and an electronic horn. The seat is at a convenient height, though it is not adjustable and hence suitable for super tall or very short people. Similarly, the handlebars can be extended to about 39inches and are suitable for the average user. The Superride can be used on all surfaces, although we’d recommend you use it on flat, even surfaces that don’t have a lot of obstructions to avoid accidents.

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Technical Specifications of Superride S1000 Unicycle

  • Product weight: 45 pounds
  • User capacity: 280-300 pounds
  • Construction: plastic and metallic construction
  • Seats: non-adjustable seats, at a height of 26 inches
  • Handlebars: fixed handlebars, can be extended from 32 inches to 39 inches
  • Mileage: 20 miles an hour
  • Battery: 60-volt / 5.8-Ah battery, fully charged in an hour, runs for 15 miles and lasts 45-minutes
  • Motor: 1000W motor
  • Balance: uses advanced gyroscopic technology to maintain balance
  • Durability: rustproof, waterproofand unbreakable frame, replaceable batteries
  • Flexibility: the brakes and acceleration are pretty quick. Suits different user needs and is great for the fast and slow commute
  • Versatility: can be used on all surfaces, roads, hiking trails, pavements (though we recommend you use it on flat surfaces)
  • Other Equipment: LED display, LED lights, Horn and instruction manual.

The idea of traveling in a one-wheeled electric scooter unicyclemight not sound like your ideal ride to work, but the S1000 is just as comfortable and convenient as a normal scooter. Like The LED display gives you precise readings of the speed, battery percentage, and direction, the LED lights help you find your way in the dark, while the horns warn off the pedestrians in your way. It is suitable for even, unobtrusive surfaces which have plenty of space for you to move around in all directions. The framework is weatherproof, rust-proof and almost unbreakable. Although we’d advise you not to use it during heavy rainfall as the road becomes slippery and the chances of having an accident increase.

What will you get if you buy Superride S1000 Unicycle?

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Superride electric unicycle caters to the urban dweller who wants a quick and effective solution to reach places without having to deal with the traffic rush every day a hoverboard, it uses gyroscopic technology to maintain body balance, i.e. you have to use your body to move and control the vehicle. Lean forward and the unicycle speeds up, go back to pull the brakes and turn sideways to move the cycle left or right- it’s that simple! This makes the Superride S1000 is the best electric unicyclean exciting mode of transportation for fitness enthusiasts, youngsters, and dwellers of neighborhoods that witness frequent traffic jams.

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Last modified: 11.12.2018

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