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SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Ax – Survival Kit In Your Pocket

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The SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Ax is essentially a combination of 21 heavy duty tools that are compressed effortlessly into one compact axe, which is the shape of a credit card and fits into your wallet. Your next stay adventure in the woods is bound to be a lot more hassle-free with this multipurpose survival tool.

The SURVCO credit card ax is one of the most versatile survival tools that you can have in your arsenal. Carrying this credit card axe in your wallet is equivalent of carrying 21 survival tools at a time. The tool comprises of two parts, the arrowheadand the axe head, both of which can be used for a variety of different ways in the wilderness. The arrowhead, which is detachable from the main structure of the credit card ax can be transformed into a spear with just a few zip ties and a large handle. This can be used to catch fish or go hunting in the wilderness.

survco tactical credit card

The axe head can be used in a multitude of ways as it has numerous other features like a saw, bottle opener, shovel, knife and even sockets, ridges and a screwdriver in addition to carrying out the function of an axe. This is versatility at its best as when combined together, the axe and the spear can be attached to a large handle with a handful of zip ties and transformed into a robust tomahawk.

tactical credit card

The SURVO Tactical Credit Card Ax has been designed keeping in mind its use in a survival environment. Therefore, if you are planning your next big adventure in the wilderness, this is a tool that is indispensable to your trip. Although its primary function involves being used as an axe, it can be put to use in numerous other ways, which helps eliminate up to 20 pounds worth of tools.


Its compact nature ensures that it slips easily into the credit card compartment of your wallet. You can even carry it in your bag or inside your shoe based on your comfort level. The axe is made up of 12-gauge stainless steel, which helps maintain its heavy-duty nature even after repeated use. Besides, you can be assured that the blade won’t rust or create a magnetic field like actual credit cards in your wallet.

survco tactical

This credit card axe, which is originally an axe also has a detachable arrow head. As the name suggests, this arrow head can either be used to make an arrow or a spear depending on the size of the handle being used. Whether you wish to play a game of bow and arrow or go hunting or fishing, this can be easily done with this attachment.

ax credit card

The axe head is where you can experience the multi-functionality of this tactical credit card. It has been designed in a way that you can use every inch of its surface in unique ways. Some of the many ways that you can do so are by using this section of the credit card axe as a nail puller, saw, sockets of varying sizes, seat belt cutter, bottle opener, wrench and even a screwdriver. Therefore, it does not matter if you get into a situation, you will always have this ax credit card to your rescue.

survco tactical credit card uk

Although the two pieces of this credit card axe individually perform exceptionally, when combined together with the help of a few zip ties, theytransforms into a powerful tomahawk. This makes for an exceptional self-defense tool when in need as it forms a robust structure.

survco tactical

Not only is the credit card axe by SURVCO an excellent tool for survival in the wilderness or on your camping trips, it can also be very handy in your everyday routine. Designed and made in the USA, this axe and arrow hybrid is confined to the size of a credit card and is rust proof. It also does not have a magnetic field around it. This ensures that it does not cause any damage to the credit or debit cards that you may be carrying in your wallet.

Some of the important characteristics of the SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Ax are:

  • Blade Material: 12-gauge 304 stainless steel
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Patent: Pending

This SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Ax retails at $20.48 and is an extremely useful tool for the pocket-friendly price that it offers. Not only does using this axeeliminate the need to carry 21 odd and heavy tools with you on your next trip, but also it ensures that your work is carried out effectively. The 12-gauge 304 stainless steel is extremely durable and this is visible in the fact that despite repeated use, its blade continues to remain sharp. Whether you use it to chop a tree or slice a sheet of thick paper, it will do both jobs splendidly without causing any damage to the actual blade.

ax credit card

What Will You Get When You Buy the SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Ax?

For campers, adventurers, hikers, explorers, detectives, and anybody out in the open and exposed to natural and man-made risks, the SURVCOAx brings security into the wallet. The SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Ax gives you not just one or two but the ability to use 21 different robust tools compressed into the convenience of a credit card sized tool. Whether you wish to use a wrench, bottle opener, skinner, a nail puller, shovel or a saw, you can do so with this credit card axe that fits easily into the credit card compartment of your wallet. All you need is a makeshift handle and a couple of zip ties and your next adventure will be a memorable one.

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Last modified: 17.08.2018

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