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Aquada – World’s First High Speed Amphibious Car for Sale

Not so long ago Qorix has already told on its pages about flying car Pla-V Liberty. But today we will …...

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Hummer H1

New Luxury Hummer H1 ‘Launch Edition’ for Sale

Recently Qorix has shown you a post about one of the largest luxury SUV – USSV Rhino GX. Today we...

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first flying car

PAL-V Liberty – First Flying Car You Can Buy

When was the last time you hear of cars that fly? Surely in movies or cartoons. Up until a few …...

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USSV Rhino GX – The Largest Luxury SUV in The World

With the USSV Rhino GX luxury large SUV, experience bold and brawny beauty like never before. With this...