wind turbine phone charger

Universal Water or Wind Turbine Charger for Camping

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Camping trips aren’t always about long nature walks and exhilarating experiences, you also have to deal with the practicalities of living away from civilization. You don’t get the everyday comforts of city life. In the lap of nature, you’re on your own without the little luxuries like clean water, plush mattress, and even electricity. The Waterlily wind turbine phone charger comes as a lifesaver, enabling you to charge your gadgets using wind energy. This energy-efficient camping charger doesn’t require sunlight and allows you to keep navigating or shooting even under extreme weather conditions.

Waterlily Turbine Charger should be an indispensable part of your camp gear and we’ll tell you why. Backpackers and globetrotters exploring the exotic corners of the planet would absolutely love it. Waterlily is lightweight, portable, user-friendly, durable and versatile. You don’t need electric sockets, solar batteries or complicated mesh of wires, the portable device harnesses the power of both wind and water and converts it into electricity. The Powermonkey Expedition, though equally powerful is more on the expensive side, unlike Waterlily that can squeeze energy out of the wind or flowing rivers without burning a hole in your pocket. We have discussed the basic features and physical characteristics of the device below, check it out.

The wind turbine charger designed and developed by the Canadian Company Seaformatics is an energy-efficient, eco-conscious model suitable for everyday use. The framework is pretty basic comprising of a turbine encased in plastic and metallic body. The turbine measures about 7 inches in diameter and can be easily stuffed into your backpack. The ergonomic construction even allows you to mount the device atop a bicycle, canoe or kayak. The standard 12-foot cable can be retracted and stored inside the device once you’re done charging your phone or GoPro camera.

wind turbine phone charger

wind turbine charger

The lightweight body weighing just 800g is extremely portable and easy to carry for even the most depending of expeditions. The handheld device features a rugged, durable and ergonomic design that is great for campers, bikers, hikers and anyone else who loves to spend time outside. All you have to do is place the turbines in moving water or expose the blades to a powerful gust of wind, the turbines move and harness the natural energy of the elements, transferring it onto the batteries underneath. What’s more, the 12-foot long USB cable allows you to transfer data, charge multiple devices at once and get the best from the device.

wind turbine battery charger

Functionality and Flexibility

The Waterlily Turbine Charger requires a minimum water speed of 0.7 mph, and can continue to harness energy effectively for water speeds of up to 6.8 mph. The maximum water speeds the device can handle is 4.5mph. In the case of wind, the turbines require a minimum wind speed of 6.7mph, and it can function well even under extremely harsh winds blowing at or above 55mph. Consistent supply of wind or water energy at a level speed would charge your phone or camera in just a couple of hours. The versatile device can charge almost every gadget – from phones and cameras to laptops, GPS, battery banks, tablets and more.

wind turbine 12v battery charger

User-Friendly and Dependable

Waterlily Wind Turbine 12v phone charger is a pretty convenient and user-friendly option for travelers. The framework is shock resistant, rust-proof and water-proof. You won’t find even a single scratch or the slightest signs of damage even after continuous exposure to extreme winds or water pressure. There is no limited immersion time, and the charger is immune to salty ocean water as well. You can use the charger on any terrain, dip it under any kind of water body or expose it to the harshest of weather conditions without the fear of damaging it.

The phone charger is also extremely easy to handle. The handheld construction can be mounted on your backpack, bicycle, motorboat or vehicle. You can use it even when there’s no sunlight, it doesn’t require solar power. You just have to dip it in flowing water or place the turbines close to steady winds- the turbines generate electricity which is then transferred to the device via a USB cable.

camping charger

SafetyAt Its Core

Waterlily charger is water resistant, rustproofand portable. You don’t have to worry about getting electric shocks or breaking your back trying to carry the charger everywhere you go. The outer covering of the device is made of plastic and hence shockproof. The tough construction further enhances its durability as an outdoor charging device. And if you don’t find either wind or water nearby, you can charge your device using the handheld crank.

wind turbine charger

Physical Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 7.1 x 3 inches
  • Product Weight: 2.8lbs
  • Speed Tolerance: (maximum speed limit in both wind and water)
  • Wind: 45-55mph
  • Water: 6.8mph
  • Batteries: one lithium battery
  • Durability: the machine is designed to work 24*7. You don’t have to wait for a sunny day anymore

wind turbine battery charger

What Will You Get When You Buy The Waterlily Turbine Charger?

The Waterlily turbine charger is just what you need to make your camping trip memorable and fun. Now you can capture all those beautiful sunsets without having to worry about running out of battery. The camping charger keeps you covered, extending the battery life of your devices. No additional devices, no extra costs, simply place the turbines in contact with wind or water and you’re sorted. The package contains the turbine, a 12-foot USB cord and a 2600mAh battery bank where you can store the energy and charge your devices later. The Waterlily charger also comes with an equipment bag to store all the separate devices, the USB cable, and an extrapower bank.

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Last modified: 03.08.2018

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