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Protect Your Whisky Collection by Placing It in the Whisky Vault

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Our subconscious desire to be unique, special, and superior to others compels us to start a collection. Some people collect books, others collect coins and stamps. The rich and powerful take it a notch above by procuring expensive watches, rare artwork, and fancy cars from across the globe. And then there are those who are passionate about collecting whisky. Whisky collection has been around for quite some time now, but it has only recently come into the spotlight.

Many purchase rare bottles in the hopes that the value of the product will skyrocket. Others collect hard-to-find brands to score brownie points among their peers. No matter what your motivation, whisky is nothing less than artwork contained in a bottle.

Now, there might come a time when you would like to celebrate a momentous occasion by popping open a bottle of your finest whisky. However, until that day you need somewhere safe and well-guarded to store your bottles. Your home bar might seem like the most feasible option, but what happens when a drunk houseguest accidentally raids your liquor cabinet and stumbles upon this expensive bottle? Plus, if word gets out that you’re storing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of booze without the necessary protection, what’s to stop some malicious entities from robbing your stash?

So, the next time you accomplish the impossible and manage to get your hands on a bottle of Pappy, Ballantine’s 17, or Hibiki, you must decide on the best way to keep your collection safe and sound. For that reason, you need to place your collection in a safe for whisky– one that still allows you to publicly showcase all of your prized spirits. That is precisely the driving concept behind Whisky Vault, a startup based out of Taiwan.

whisky safe

The company has designed a product that no serious whisky collector would want to miss out on. Take a glimpse at their handcrafted liquor cabinet with premium safety features for storing and showcasing pricey drinks in a safe yet stylish way.

According to Todd Lawrence, the founder of the company, the cabinets are created with whisky collectors in mind who want to secure a spot for their exclusive collection without having to perpetually worry about bottles going missing or being opened accidentally by visitors. So, if you’ve faced either of these problems before and want to safeguard your collection without keeping the bottles locked up out of sight, then it’s time to invest in this innovative contraption.

With the Whisky Vault, you no longer need to worry about displaying your bottles in the midst of your living room, since your drunk friends will be deterred from picking them up and pouring a glass while you’re busy entertaining others or getting ice from the kitchen refrigerator. Advertised as the “ultimate in whiskey protection”, this is a solid, steel plated, side-loading safe with a tri-spoke handle and numerous vault door locking bolts. The addition of bullet proof windows might seem like a bit of an overkill, but you’ll be glad to know that the company leaves no stone unturned when it comes to protecting your valuable collection.

safe for whisky

For added protection, Whisky Vault uses steel-plate construction in the making of their safes with vault doors that feature three 25mm locking bolts and a UL-certified electronic locking mechanism. If that’s not all, the company has also added interior LED lights and a machined aluminum tri-spoke handle for display and security purposes respectively.

While the chances of someone shooting up your whisky collection is a lot less than grabbing a few bottles, the makers of Whisky Vault have prepared for all sorts of contingencies. Plus, weighing in at more than 300 lbs, the massive weight should be deterrent enough if someone attempts to run off with your whisky storage setup.

whisky cabinet

The large window display included in the setup is perfect for showing off all the priceless bottles you’ve acquired over the years. The reinforced safe is adept at protecting both standard top-shelf bottles as well as liquors picked up from exclusive auctions.

whisky cabinet for sale

According to the company, they settled on this design out of necessity as there was no cabinet earlier that allowed them to show off all their best bottles while keeping them totally secure at the same time. So, now you no longer have to concern yourself with friends who might mistakenly open a ten thousand dollar bottle you had reserved for a special occasion.

Whisky Vault pays crucial attention to the safety and demands of their customers, and they have covered all the electronic and mechanical components with a service warranty lasting five years. So, if you encounter any issues with the product – which isn’t very likely – you can always get the faulty part replaced.

The entire setup is made up of two separate components – the first is a safe with a display window on the front side, while the other is a cabinet that doubles up as the rolling stand. Whisky Vault wants you to use the below cabinet for storing bottles out of the sight of your guests, while the top unit is perfect for putting your more expensive drinks in the spotlight.

whisky storage cabinet

The bottom cabinet includes two levels of shelves that accommodate proper bottles on the lower level while the upper level is reserved for short whisky glasses. Each of these levels is made out of teak wood, so the build quality is durable enough to last a long time and hold up to 330 pounds of weight on top of it.

whisky storage

The reason why the company had to make the Whisky Vault cabinet so sturdy and tough is because the safe itself weighs almost 200 pounds. It only gets heavier once you start stocking up all your bottles of booze that you’ve been collecting inside the cabinet and the display window.

the whisky cabinet

Characteristics of the Whisky Vault

  • The contraption features a unique steel-plate construction.
  • The vault door comes with locking bolts for additional protection.
  • Extra security is added thanks to the machined aluminum tri-spoke handle.
  • UL certified La Gard electronic lock system
  • All the units are individually numbered / limitededition / custom built, making the Whisky Vault a true collector’s item.
  • The solid teak cabinet is fully handcrafted and imparts a vintage feel to the safe.
  • The design has been patented in Taiwan, China, Japan, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, and France.
  • All units feature bulletproof windows.
  • The vault measures 77 cm x 40 cm x 62 cm and can hold up to 21 bottles.
  • The cabinet section measures 77 cm X 40 cm X 64 cm and the dimensions accommodate a maximum of 21 bottles.
  • The combined weight is 308 pounds.

You can get this whisky cabinet for sale at $6,000. Now, that might initially sound a bit much, but when you consider you’re getting a bomb-proof booze safe that protects your luxury swill, then it starts to make sense. The custom-madewhisky cabinets are well-worth the price if you’re a whisky enthusiast or collector.

What do you get when you buy the Whisky Safe?

whisky collection display cabinet

The Whisky Safe was designed primarily keeping the needs of whisky collectors in mind. But the purpose of the safe is not limited to beverages; in fact, you can use it to effectively protect and show off any valuables. Any prized possessions you have can be stashed inside the safe in full view of your guests. It also gives you a safe space for storing expensive jewelry, comic books, and other collections, making these whisky storage cabinets a versatile setup for more than only whiskyconnoisseurs.

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Last modified: 16.11.2018

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